Asset Manager

I briefly mentioned last week that I have identifying factors for selecting and retaining an asset manager to use for clients. I have not taken on a new asset manager for a long time now, even though I get at least one, maybe two approaches a year to use a company. I look for what they might have to offer me that’s different. Then I politely tell them that they have nothing and no thanks.

But there is a new (to me) manager that I have been looking at to slowly add to client’s growth assets here and there. I have had a good reference to them, done some initial homework and now next week I have set up an appointment at their offices in Sandton, with whoever it is that takes around the little guys like me. There I will do the rest of my homework around the due diligence questions I always have and get a tour of the building. Nice to walk the floors and see the traders. Then if I’m still happy, I will begin to use them.