Financially Speaking December #2, 2008

Dear Client,

I have finally got a website up and running, sitting out there wherever websites sit. Very creative name: I have had to ponder on the purpose and necessity of a website. One thing that it does force a business entity to do, which is what I felt it forced me to do, is to outline and define exactly what it is that I do and where I am going. So there it is. Have a look and constructive criticism is welcomed.

Investment product news:

I have added the local and foreign Satrix funds to my basket of investment vehicles that I can facilitate for clients. They can be good to have as a low cost share-tracker fund option in your portfolio. Not necessarily cheaper than some unit trust funds as the media reports, and not necessarily performing better than a well managed unit trust equity fund, but possibly still valid as part of a portfolio.

Tax return information:

Relevant for PPS clients: PPS will only have tax deduction certificates for the portion of your premium that funds your incapacity benefit, as from the next tax year. I.e: for your 2009 return. For 2008, you still use nothing from PPS in your return.

Merry Christmas

Until next time

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