Invest Philosophy

Absolute independence is non-negotiable. Find out more…

Investment channels and processes:

  • All investments are through Asset Managers, no investments are placed through life insurance company channels.
  • Fund mandates are matched to investment strategy timelines and multiple funds could be used in each strategy. Investment strategies can be conservative to aggressive, local or foreign, growth or income based.

Choice of Asset Managers

The choice of asset manager used is very important as this is where your money is given the opportunity to be manipulated and to grow.  All asset management companies that I use must:

  • Be independent in their thought processes.
  • Preferably be independent businesses not owned or controlled by banks or insurances houses. ┬áIf not, they must be able to be independent in their management styles.
  • Have set house views and buy lists that do not change just because a fund manager might leave or join the team.
  • Not be subject to month end price manipulations.
  • Be totally transparent in terms of processes and costs.
  • Be willing to be subjected to due diligence processes.