Practice Management


I have Professional Indemnity Insurance through Camargue Underwriting Managers (Pty) Limited.


I have Masthead as my compliance officer.

Asset Management Trail Fees

What Asset Management Trail Fees do and pay for in my business service delivery;

1. Asset Management research time

  • Checking if the managers that I use are sticking to their investment mandates.
  • Remain aware of alternative or more appropriate asset managers.
  • Do basic due diligence and corporate governance processes on the asset managers used.

2. Specific responsibilities for income dependent investors:

  • Review income levels at income anniversaries.
  • Check that re-investments into your portfolio are taking place and reflected as such.
  • Monitor that your investment portfolio’s unit numbers are changing correctly regardless of currency or price values.

3. General services delivered or that might be requested

  • An administrative record of your portfolio is created and held.
  • Regular newsletters emailed to clients relating to anything in the financial planning world.
  • Portfolio reviews as required during the year.
  • In a way, securing and retaining my services to ensure that your beneficiaries or dependents are looked after in the future.
  • Other sundry and at times unrelated financial planning advice or investment research.

Succession planning

As per legislation, I have a signed agreement in place with another Independent Financial Planner, who is also a Certified Financial PlannerĀ® Licensee, whom I would be happy recommending to you. Together with my office, he will make contact with my clients who would still need to appoint him as their advisor. A client is in no way compelled to remain with this colleague. The structure is there to ensure a client is not left orphaned and has an option.

Fee structures

I believe that Financial Planning as such should be a professional service and not always or necessarily a sales based event.  Thus I have elements of Fee-Based Financial Planning in my practice where various tasks or services might carry a once-off or retainer based fee.