Specific Services

Managing retirement capital, provident and pension funds etc.

Planning and managing the growth of your Global Wealth

I seek to help an investor to understand how their money works, where it goes and what to expect from it. I facilitate the investment of money via exchange allowances or what is already out of South Africa into international mutual, or unit trust funds. These funds have been researched in the same way that we plan our mandates of local funds.

Structuring and managing income from retirement capital

I assist my client in understanding how much income they need or can have from their capital and the consequences thereof. I then allocate the capital to the appropriate underlying funds to try and match the income need of the investor. Over time I attempt to help my clients understand the difference between income growth and capital value fluctuation. I create a detailed record of the various forms of income a client might have together with any other investments. Annually I assist my clients in reviewing the level of income being received and executing any required changes.