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Weekly Thoughts 05 August 2016

A couple of clients recently sent me the link below. In short, it is the results of an analysis done by Moneyweb showing which equity unit trust funds have managed to beat a couple of stock market index funds over the past 10 years, using rolling three year periods when measuring this. In short, index funds are funds that are an average of the market. They simply track what the stock market does and are not actively managed by a fund manager who is using research and brains to try and get better returns than the market.

It was most pleasing to see that three of the four main asset managers that I use have consistently outperformed these measured periods. Foord, Marriott and Coronation’s Equity Funds all sit up there, together with only two other funds that make it into the conversation. It is good and reassuring to see that the criteria for which we have chosen asset managers has resulted in these performances. Criteria that I don’t lose sight of and check up on every couple of years.

Taking this slightly further, these equity funds (Marriott call their SA equity fund the Dividend Growth Fund) are the SA equity portions of the pie charts of the Balanced, Flexible or Worldwide Funds that I use from all these asset managers. So somewhere and somehow all of you are benefiting from these good funds. The report also talks about the consistency of the fund management teams in these houses. It makes mention that Marriott’s team seems to be the most consistent with Foord also having long serving managers.

Read here if you’re interested….

Money Web Article: How many local equity funds have consistently beaten an index fund?