Weekly Thoughts 01 February 2013

In every changing or eventful economic cycle or situation, there will be some sector to benefit.  So there are always opportunities for some or other business in every situation.

In my town over the past month we’ve had a torrid time with electric and wind storms, causing all sorts of mayhem.  To my house included.  I used a young mate from my canoe club who has his own chain saw/tree cutting business to chop up a tree which the wind storm had seen fit to use to flatten my electric fence.  Last week I asked him to come around again to cut down another broken tree.  He said “no, we have no time”.  There is just so much business for every single chain saw operator in this area at the moment that they are running flat.  Therefore this means that the chain saw supply services are busy; new purchases of machines, chains, chain oil, etc.  This goes for every electrician and plumber and their parts suppliers as well.  Then a week ago we had a 46º day here.  In that one day one appliance shop sold all 50 of their free-standing air conditioners in stock.  Means new orders again and more business for the manufacturers.

Even the theft – and finally the slow replacement thereof – of the Telkom lines in our area giving us no lines for three weeks will create a new order for raw materials.  On this note, the phone lines are back but not yet the line carrying the internet.  How did they get things done 25 years ago!!  Slowly, I presume.