Weekly Thoughts 03 May 2019

We often get confronted in a shop with seeing or being told about the ‘specials’. I’ve often written about these sort of spending habits. And so it was that on Monday afternoon this week, I had gone down to the local garage to buy petrol and then went into the garage’s convenience store. Can’t remember what I was going in to buy, but that’s not the point. Probably a newspaper. The very diligent staff member behind the counter always makes sure she’s told you about the specials. Buy a coke and get a chocolate at half price. Or two for the price of one. etc. In a local supermarket, they always have the buy-a-chicken-and-get-six-bread-rolls-free special.

My guess is that a substantial number of customers must take up these offers. I never do. I didn’t need the one coke anyway. So I don’t buy the coke just because I’m feeling that I’ll miss out on a cheap chocolate. I wasn’t planning on buying a chicken. So I mustn’t feel that I am missing out on free rolls.

Don’t buy the specials just because they are there.