Weekly Thoughts 04 April 2014

It does not matter if you cannot define the why. What matters is the quiet satisfaction that comes from living life to the full.

In contrast to how technical the last couple of these mails have been, it crossed my mind to tell you my rules about how I write.

Some weeks I have lots of thoughts that flood my mind. Some weeks not. Often there is a matter that completely forms itself in sentences and concept while I am driving or lost in my own thoughts while paddling, but which I cannot repeat 30 minutes later when I am able to write it down. So the content comes from something that is either bothering me or is a significant teaching thought or has merely inspired me. I try to vary the content, because I know some folk are not too worried about the technical. One friend has told me that he usually just jumps straight to the blue print!

I keep to this font size so that it is large and easy to read and doesn’t feel like all the other reading material many of us have bombarding our inboxes! The content must also not take up more than the space of my computer screen – albeit the larger screen sitting on my desk. Just so that it’s not too long to read.

Then, even though I always read it through at least four times before sending it, checking for grammar and spelling errors, I can always rely on a restless and nomadic desert-wondering English teacher friend and client from upcountry to correct anything that I might have missed.

And now I have filled the screen!