Weekly Thoughts 07 August 2015

At long last I have begun to see some articles on building and using retirement funds in the way that goes against the grain, in the way that makes sense and in the way that Marriott’s model is aimed at. The titles and topics of such articles in the press have been around the point that focusing on a ‘lump sum’ or ‘pot of money’ only, for retirement may be the wrong way to go. Rather that we should also be thinking and planning around building sources of wealth that produce income, that are aimed at income, that can maintain income, regardless of monetary value.

It has often only been Marriott that has preached this strategy. These comments that I have read have been written by other assets managers, Grindrod to be specific, and by other people in the financial journalism world and even a finance professor from a foreign university. Most of you know that I mix and match, using Marriott’s strategy to a large degree for this purpose along with capital growth strategies with asset managers. In my opinion, the views of the writers above do not suddenly give Marriott’s strategy any greater merit regarding this topic. Rather these other writers views are given credit by Marriott’s existing strategy. Did I say that correctly?