Weekly Thoughts 08 September 2017

Summer has arrived. I know this because suddenly and without ceremony all the hibernating frogs emerged from wherever they go to begin their summer long nightly cacophony in the neighbour. Sitting around our pools and everywhere else. I wonder if one frog makes the decision that tonight is the night that every frog emerges and sends out the instruction and all obey. Very exact and specific. No phasing in.

What a contrast with investing, where opinion and emotion play a big and sometimes overcorrecting role, influenced by investors and speculators alike. Although maybe they could be one and the same at times. Research is necessary too in order for fund managers to make informed selection choices. But once done, leave it alone. Of course erratic behaviour of individuals who influence global events also plays a large role. Often just fuelling the emotions already mentioned.

It has been on my mind to write about the dangers of over-thinking (your/our) investments. I think I shall do this.