Weekly Thoughts 10 July 2013

I never wrote last week because I was on the highway by early in the morning. And this Friday I won’t be writing either as I’m off tomorrow to spend some time over the next two days with the Marriott Asset Management team. They’re going off for two days into Lesotho and invited me to go with. Great opportunity.

I will look for opportunities to listen and learn and I will also be taking my ‘Conundrum’ questions with me. I have a few of these, about different issues. Some issues are not as simple as being solved through a few short emails or phone calls. They’re not answers I can just read off a fund fact sheet, or just ask a consultant. They require debate, time to chew the cud and shoot the breeze, time to agree and disagree. So I look forward to the privilege of being with them.

The top Conundrum on my list for Marriott guys to help me speculate over, is, if someone hasn’t got enough capital for their required income stream, do I speculate on capital growth and hope the sell-off thereof for income is less that the resultant capital growth vs. going for the certainty of a higher yielded income stream from a fund with potentially lower capital growth. There we have it.

It is one of the issues… part of the type of thoughts… that stresses me and keeps me awake at night. These are the things that I dwell on when paddling for 20km like I did this morning in the company of global marathon and Olympic champions. (I have to beg them to look after the old man!) Seriously though, these times allow for long periods of thought where I often solve an issue or decide how I’m going to deal with something or where I should go with it. I also get the same clarity of mind when I get up to work at 5am.

Not sure if I’ve actually said anything today!