Weekly Thoughts 10 May 2013

Yesterday I listened to Prudential for an hour and half as they gave a small group of us feedback on future strategic changes in our industry, as our regulators seem to be following a combination of what has and is happening in the UK and Australia. But I will maybe expand on this another time.

I have heavier issues on my mind today, with deep emotions moving around our community.

This weekend I think I am going to write letters to my children. About things I want to say that I might not get a chance to say if I die tomorrow. Letters for now, and letters to open at 21 years old. You see, right now, we have a very close, very sick, too young, friend, with young children, who has been battling terminal cancer for three years. It has made me think; ‘would I write such letters if I had a notice period of my remaining days and if yes, what if I don’t get such a notice period, that my days are up, to do these things first?’ Then I must do them anyway. And I’m not going to try and rationalise as to why do this any further than that.

So many trivial issues in our lives consume so much conflict energy. There are many important issues to struggle with, sure, but so many are trivial.