Weekly Thoughts 11 January 2013

The year has started with a sporting tragedy in the cycling world.  Which will not be solved with a change in traffic rules.  Things are much deeper than that.

Yesterday a client of mine died during heart surgery.  This client looked after her grandson, for reasons I don’t need to discuss.  I don’t know if there is a will or where it is, she had never given me the mandate to deal with this for her.  I hope there was one.  Time will tell.  Because otherwise the issue of who looks after the grandson now will be difficult.  And her assets possibly challenged by potential beneficiaries.  But the grandson is a sweet little chap.  I know him.

Even before these two tragedies, I was beginning to become acutely aware of the admin of our lives and the potential problems that could be experienced.  To this end I had already thought that maybe I should start the year with taking two weeks to just check every single client, as to do they have a will, do I know where it is – that is if I don’t keep it – are the nominated beneficiaries, guardians and executors still relevant.

I think I must do this.

The telephone lines have been stolen in the street where my office is.  So there is no telephone, fax and email connectivity there.  Except for my laptop and cell phone.  So we wait on Telkom.