Weekly Thoughts 11 July 2014

Apologies for no Weekly Thoughts for the last two weeks. Every so often I have no inspiration to write. And I refuse to resort to the copy & paste method of subject matter from other financial print.

This week I finally succumbed to becoming a DSTV subscriber, albeit a middle of the road package. Yes, this Murray household has been patriotically sticking to SABC channels all these years. From when I started building my business and couldn’t afford it, I had always felt that I shouldn’t spend the money on this luxury item until I was saving enough. As I’ve often said, saving is a compulsory expense, this is an optional luxury. To be honest, even though I could have afforded it for a long while now, I have also been worried that I’ll watch too much sport in the evenings. Time will tell if I can control that temptation!!

So while doing the whole contractual thing in the DSTV shop, I learnt and noticed how people pay for their subscription. I also noticed how many low income earners were coming into the store to pay for this monthly subscription. Most of these people should not have this. I see many young folk and low income earners to consider their spending priorities to be, 1: cell phone, 2: a car, 3: clothes and furniture, 4: a place to stay, 5: DSTV… Etc.

I understand the cell phone, car and basic living requirements. But saving is an expense that comes before luxuries. Too many folk don’t realize how much of an impact doing this right from the beginning of in their working lives and not waiting 5 years before they start, will make many years later. I wish someone had taught me this.