Weekly Thoughts 13 December 2013

I am watching and waiting for three international investment offerings or funds to become available to possibly make use of for clients where appropriate. Foord is very nearly ready with a Global Equity Fund which is managed out of Singapore – they are just waiting for final FSB approval, then secondly Marriott now have available for us a personal, international share portfolio option on either a discretionary or non-discretionary basis, meaning the investor either directly chooses the companies owned or opts for a managed share portfolio. This offering requires an adjustment to my licence, which I am busy dealing with.

Then lastly, I personally know someone who is a director and on the board and management team of an international asset management business who are starting up a new Global Consumer Fund, which will specifically aim to own only major global consumer companies. I am waiting for this fund to go ‘live’ on international platforms after which I will study it further and possibly make use of it.