Weekly Thoughts 13 October 2015

Last week was a frustrating week in two ways. Firstly, contract time up allowed me to get a new cell phone, which causes all those data movement and learn-how-to-use-a-new-phone-issues. Then secondly, we changed our email domain in the office because my IT guy said that it would solve the email gremlins we’ve been having due to my website being hosted on the domain of kevinmurray and the emails on telkomsa. I just have to believe these more clever than me IT guys. And so it is that you’ll notice this newsletter coming to you from a new email address: kevin@kevinmurray.co.za Apologies for the admin. The ladies in the office are now also on their first name @kevinmurray.co.za. The old emails will continue to receive mail for another few months.

However one long term frustration thankfully came to an end last week. I was finally able to collect my son’s unabridged birth certificate from the local Home Affairs office. I had applied for it in November last year. I’ll say nothing more about this except that I now have 13 email addresses to people in higher places in Home Affairs that I am willing to sell to the highest bidder.

While talking about global stock markets last week with two clients, I brought up the fact that in all economic times there will be companies that benefit. Take for example the migrant crisis in Europe. There are hundreds of thousands of meals being given out daily by volunteer workers, thousands of packs of things to help people cope with basic daily needs such as toothpaste, soap, washing powder and shampoo, probably thousands of first aid and medical supplies being dispatched. My guess is that every meal pack has a nestle product in it, every daily needs pack has a Unilever product in it and in every medical supply pack there is a Johnson & Johnson product. Consumer companies will always be OK in the long term. Not from delighting in misfortune, but because they involve the basics of life.