Weekly Thoughts 14 February 2014

I did my annual medical check-up with my doctor this week. I’ve done this every year since turning 40. We do everything: various blood tests, check blood pressure and weight, do a resting and exercise electrocardiogram – checking the heart thing. He makes me run up and down these stairs in his office for 4 minutes. Hate it. I’d rather run down the road for 10 minutes. All is good he told me.

I always take the opportunity to learn from him too when I do this. Amongst other things we chatted about the effects of exercise on our health, or the lack thereof, as well as good and bad diet and then he told me about the changes regarding health problems in different population groups over the past 30 years. Changes he has seen. Very interesting.

It is an important part of the risk management of our lives to do a good health check-up annually once we’re into our middle ages and beyond.