Weekly Thoughts 16 October 2020

For those of you who keep a watch for my Weekly Thoughts, you will know that there has not been an issue out on the shelves for a very long time. I have really battled with what to write over the past few weeks.

I cannot bring myself to use much humour – there are still too many folks reading this who are battling with the times we have found ourselves in. Then, I don’t want to just re-write the economic news I get or listen to via the many on-line presentations I attend. For those that really want this, you get it by default through what you read, your work-related issues, articles you subscribe to… and so on. These things might be around how the markets are responding to US elections, vaccine trials and the reversal of businesses opening due to higher Covid-19 figures again.

Should I talk about the handful of companies dominating the SA stock market and skewing the figures we see about the good companies, or maybe I talk about the year that has been: The year of the incorrect memories, the lessons we have not yet finished learning about what we actually only need in life.

I remain however, acutely aware that this family is still very fortunate.