Weekly Thoughts 17 December 2021

It has been on my mind a lot of late, possibly because I’ve had three long conversations around this topic of ‘wealth perception’… for want of a better term…. with different people over the past couple of weeks. Many of you think this way already, so please forgive me while I comment on this boring topic again.

It is about remembering that the houses we live in, and the personal cars we drive, are not assets. You might own them – if the Bank doesn’t – but they still do not put income into your life and you still cannot ‘use’ their value to help you through the expenses of daily living. They are tools, that we have to have and use, and they get us through this concept called life. But they are not part of our real wealth, they are not assets in our life, unless and until you can sell them, make a profit, and don’t have to replace them.

Just a short admin point for my clients who receive a monthly income from their Marriott investments: With the usual date of payment of the 25th being a public holiday, along with the 26th and 27th being public holidays as well this year, payment will only be effected from Marriott on the 28th of December. Depending on your bank, you would only see the funds in your account this month anywhere between the 28th and the 30th. I hope that’s OK for all of you.

Safe travels, if you are travelling at all over the coming season of holidays.