Weekly Thoughts 17 January 2014

Here’s wishing you all a good year ahead. With the season of over-spending over, it’s time for us all to settle back down to working on living within our earnings again.

We have had a short term insurance experience over this past December. My wife got driven into by another car while driving around Howick with a car full of children. Thankfully everyone was fine, with our 1997 Mercedes Benz keeping everyone safe and being able to be driven away afterwards. Unfortunately the driver of the other car had to go off to hospital to have her blood nose and bruised face checked while her little car could not be driven away. My short term guys (an associate on my website) have helped me sort things out but these events are a real inconvenience. A couple of things I learnt:

Don’t assume just because the tow truck vultures tell you that you can’t drive your car that it cannot be driven away. This was the case for my wife, but she phoned me and I said to try and just to just watch for the car’s vital signs and to check that the wheels could turn unhindered. She said all that seemed fine so I said then don’t let them hitch you up, drive it home.

Then the first quote was so high that the insurers would have written the car off. But I wanted this car back. So I learnt that I can give permission for pirate parts to be used instead of original Mercedes parts – especially on a car that is out of warranty – and the quote has since dropped by R17 000 with the insurers now giving the go-ahead to fix the car. So ask for non-genuine parts for these things. We’re still waiting for the world to go back to work after Christmas to actually get the repairs done though.

The children found it quite exciting too, to be checked out by the paramedics on the side of the road who came to take the other driver away.