Weekly Thoughts 17 January 2020

This past week we delivered one times Murray subject and all his paraphernalia to Michealhouse to begin his last year. I remember delivering him four years ago to begin his first year. But then it was into a room of 5 other boys where their ‘turf’ existed of a bed with a cupboard next to it. Now it was to his own room, the room of Head of House, big enough to house his bed, a couch, a bean bag, a fridge, a desk, a cupboard…… and his own view across the central quad. He is privileged in having a small, complete bathroom across the passage to share with only one other senior boy, the Head Boy. He is now allowed to walk across the grass in the Quad and he can have as many ‘sleep-outs’ as he wants. These become serious steps up the ladder in a boarding school. We have but 10 or 11 short months of continuing with a child in school. And then he’ll go seek his fortune. He’ll go to some university to study how to become a true capitalist and taxpayer. I would trade places with him for this last year of his school life in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t think twice.

This week I met with clients at two different ends of this picture; one about to retire and one just entering the workplace after graduating. These things happen so fast. What did I say to the one entering the workplace? You must save from month one because time is all you have. And then it’s gone.

I also met with a couple of us average folk in the middle of this road, the road from the start to the end. One client and I met in the Oldest Pub and Restaurant in Johannesburg, in the dubious neighbourhood along Louis Botha Drive. He and I go back to nearly party-line telephone years.

What amazes me through all this, is how unless we do basic planning, time has but gone. Three years and one month ago, I started an R300 per month investment in my son’s name. The fund will provide dividend income for him in his retirement years – this is what it’s designed for. There is already R12 400 in the fund, producing a quarterly income. In 45 years time, this will pay useable dividends. I have implemented this idea with quite a few of you. I will bring it to more of you.