Weekly Thoughts 17 June 2022

This topic might be a bit depressing, but I think I should write about it. They are just my thoughts. They hold no disrespect. Just concern, for all of us.

Over the past six to ten months I have been watching (and walking through it with some of you) a good handful of clients going through various rapid health changes. Some of which have involved disability claims, meaning people that are (probably) still working, and some of which are what we might experience when we’re in – what my mother used to call – the ‘waiting room years’. But all of them, have brought the issue of a need for sudden care to the spotlight.

I believe that anytime from into our fifties and definitely by the time we’re 60, we need to begin to think about, or have already thought about, what we’re going to do when it all falls apart in a short space of time. When, because it’s not really an ‘if’, our bodies begin to break down and we need care soon. I do not think we should be leaving this matter until the age of 70, just because we’ve been lucky to have good health so far and we think we’ll have time to plan and change. So…… the questions I see, in no particular order or priority:

Who can look after you when you suddenly need it? Will you need to move to somewhere quickly when you need this because your current situation doesn’t cater for it? Have you thought about where you can move to? Have you ever looked at what this might cost? Do you have a cash lump sum available somewhere to help you get in? Will the place you go to, be able to take you shopping because driving might suddenly stop? Will the place you go to, be able to provide you with meals if you need this level of care? Can it provide for assisted living when you need it? If you want to be cared for at home, do you have a place for a carer to live? If you currently have a partner to look after you, someone will still end up being alone, and these questions then need different answers, to what they might be now. Is there someone you need to tell your plan to?

There are more questions, which I know will cross your minds. Life doesn’t always give us a long notice period for these changes.