Weekly Thoughts 19 April 2013

Diversification means reducing risk of loss by investing in a variety of assets. A diversified portfolio as a whole will often display less risk than the least risky of the component investments.

A few fast facts relating to men’s health issues from claims over 2011 and 2012:

– 55% of all life claims caused by heart disease, occur in men aged between 41 and 50
– 53% of death benefit claims in men under age 30, are a result of vehicle and motorbike fatalities
– 16% of all back/spinal injury claims are in men aged 31 to 40
– 70% of the number of cancer claims among men, are due to prostate and colon cancers

So….. if I make it to over 50, does it mean that on average, I have avoided heart disease and vehicle fatality and have men’s cancers as my worst risk group? Now there’s something to look forward to!!!