Weekly Thoughts 19 February 2021

I listened to three different fund manager zoom meetings this week.

This included a couple of guys from NinetyOne, (Ex Investec) then a couple of people from a group called Counterpoint, and then the clever people talking from the UK who help run the direct UK property holding investment through FIM Capital, who works out of the Isle of Man.

This last one was very good. They showed us drone footage of a couple of these retail and industrial properties in the portfolio. Its good to hear, and then see, that the people who manage and choose the investments, in this case, choose a physical property to buy into the portfolio, seem to be on top of things and know what they’re doing. They are very happy with occupancy, operations and income streams of the 20-odd buildings in the portfolio. I want to go and visit some of these properties sometimes, to see and walk through what I’m offering my clients to invest in. Maybe next year.

One interesting statement from one of the NinetyOne guys was that, during some of the recovery of the past 10 months, the big money was in the waiting. Waiting is often what investment returns and success is all about. He made a further comment that someone in their twenties has a 60 year investment time horizon. It’s quite a thought actually.