Weekly Thoughts 21 July 2017

I had alone-time over lunch on Wednesday this week with Marriott’s CEO. We talked stability of their business, I requested a function that I’d like to see for clients on one of their ‘products’, (I have already been told IT are working on this) then we talked some nonsense and finally agreed upon another lunch soon when he’d bring along two fund managers. They were disappointed not to crack an invite for this one. I had wanted to have a chance to chat alone.

Also this week, a consultant from a relatively new, or young, asset manager came to see me. Or rather I should say I agreed to give him time. He found me via my website and said he thought I fitted in with who they were looking for to work with. They have quite a different mandate by which they select stock, companies, to buy in their unit trust funds. But they don’t have a long enough track record yet. I’m interested enough in their difference to watch them for another year or two before I make a decision to use them for clients.