Weekly Thoughts 22 July 2016

Many of you know that on a Thursday night I diligently and strictly attend my canoe club’s time trial. We belt around our filthy piece of water doing nearly 9km in the process. Strategy, tactics, helping your mates or ‘blind-siding’ your mates, giving the youngsters a hard time, racing hard and trying your best…. but it all stays on the water and most of us know just how unimportant the result is and that keeping fit and stress release is a primary objective. If one week you have a bad race, so what. It is so unimportant. Even if our national sports teams lose, my gosh, it is so not that important.

Right now, there is more than a handful of clients or people I know fairly well, young and older, who are in the middle of some relatively serious to dire health issue, illnesses or mishap. If one looks at some real time global statistics of numbers in the Health category, numbers are large and move by the minute, some by the second. The list of health and death related causes includes:

communicable diseases
cardio related
cerebral related
road accidents
death of mothers during birth

Some of the stats are horrible: death of children under 5, just today, is so far more than five times greater than that of road fatalities.

I’m not sure what my point here is this week. It’s just that there is suddenly too many people close enough to me experiencing life threatening issues that it is bothering me. Just the reality of life, and not knowing what and when. The need for learning to appreciate what we have, for not creating stress with what is, in reality, often such an irrelevant matter, is there. The need for living more simply, and enjoying simpler things, is there.