Weekly Thoughts 22 March 2019

A friend of ours recently had a mild stroke. She is younger than us. She’s OK, but had no insured benefits to help her through it.

A friend and motorbike riding mate – we’ve summited Sani Pass twice together – recently injured himself quite badly while playing indoor hockey. Chasing the ball down the ‘field’, the wall arrived before he could get the flaps down. He hit it at speed. He has recovered, to an extent, but says he’s not sure he’ll ever be 100% again. He has temporary and permanent disability benefits, so financially he should cope.

Then I have a young client who is waiting for a kidney transplant. He has no kidneys at the moment. Does dialysis couple of times a week. Thank goodness his dad and I put some impairment benefits on the sons when they were teenagers. The 5 million has proved crucial in providing income and pay for expenses.

We don’t know when life’s horrible things will arrive upon us. There is no fairness in this game. We just need to know that we have a basic plan that will help.