Weekly Thoughts 23 August 2013

A simple thought below on using a credit card. This is what I usually do and maybe it is of some value to folk who do not have the financial ability to pay off whatever it is they might have spent by each due date.

I get a SMS after each transaction. Before deleting the sms, I pay across from my current account to the relevant credit card the amount that I just spent according to that message. It means doing regular transfers, but at least you keep up with what is going on, which means you’re watching your budget and your spending. If you pay across as you spend, on the one hand you keep in touch with how much money you actually still have in your current account and therefore you know if you are actually able to spend the amount you are next about to sign for, and you also don’t land up with a growing and uncontrollable balance to re-pay on your card at the end of the payment timeframe.

In this way a credit card is convenient and not dangerous.