Weekly Thoughts 23 January 2015

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written. The world has settled back into regular work mode after the silly season with all businesses finally open again. Children are all back at school with our province only going back this week. Something which was made very obvious last night when we were back to no-space in our canoe club changing rooms again, what with school boys all over the place. Us tax-payers muttered that we need a ‘theirs’ and ‘ours’ changing room.

Early in January, I read in our newspapers of a diesel pipeline spillage down this way in the Hillcrest area. 200 000 litres of diesel spilled over into an upmarket, gated estate, causing damage to a number of houses. One quoted comment from a resident was regarding the losses he will experience on his “largest investment”. My thoughts were immediately that he is in trouble if his residential home is his largest investment. Unless he was 30 years old, in which case most of ‘his’ largest investment was probably still owned by the bank. I say this because we all need to build assets much larger than the value of our residential homes, which, as I have often said, is not a real asset. This so that we can get income from assets one day. And when the time is gone to do this, it is gone.

Just my thoughts.