Weekly Thoughts 24 April 2020

So today week we get to transfer from the maximum security holding to the medium-security facility. At least it’s a move. I think we’ll be able to go to the shops without having to prove that we’re going to shop. On Tuesday this week, I did said weekly shopping run, to shop for office supplies. Office food that is. I also filled my car with petrol, all 13 litres of it. That was for the past three and a half weeks of travel. I guess this time that we find ourselves in will bring with it a lot of forced savings for most of us. No sitting and working in that coffee shop. No restaurant or pub visits. No spending money on going to your mate’s house for a braai, or on that pointless shopping excursions to the Mall. Or on that five-day motorbike trip through Lesotho I was supposed to be doing with friends next week.

I continue to dial in too many live internet conversations and presentations. They’re all doing it. Investec, now called Ninety One – for those of you looking for snippets of uninteresting information to get you through these days – has held two per week. Their one yesterday was not investment orientated at all. They had a speaker who dealt with motivation for us Financial Advisors. You know, the usual motivational stuff: keep our heads up, create positivity in our minds and in our days and therefore in our business and our clients. There is probably a lot of this currently needed as a theme for corporate conversations. The asset managers are all either talking about the obvious economic issues around the world, or how they feel their own funds will hold up in the end. I suppose what else can they say.