Weekly Thoughts 24 April 2020

Maybe this newsletter needs to be about my office’s sustainability over the next three weeks or so and those of the businesses I use for you too.

My office will be able to continue with largely uninterrupted service for you. For those of you who live far away and have never physically visited us, we are situated in what is, in effect, a small townhouse type residential place that I rent from a nearby neighbour. I literally walk three doors down the road to work.

Adrienne has already been working remotely from home for some time now, so she is in a good space. Jacki will be taking a computer home today to set herself up for working from home too. I will continue to walk my three doors down the road and go into the office every day, seeing as I will be alone anyway and I reckon that the chances of the army catching me out in the streets in our quiet cul-de-sac are, I’m sure, about nil. But I can also work from home if need be.

So you can continue to email any of us and our service to you will continue without much disruption at all. We will continue with investment processes, administration changes, enquiries and I can continue with any Financial Planning analyses and reporting back to you.

All the companies that I use for you, whether it be insurance companies or asset managers, have sent us detailed plans of how their service delivery will continue uninterrupted, with all companies having set up the majority of their staff to work from home over the forthcoming 21 days.

The world is now in a space I bet none of us thought we’d see in our lifetimes. History will record this in its own way. Times will be difficult for many and most of us.