Weekly Thoughts 26 June 2020

I have a few investment thoughts to share following listening to the clever people from Ninety One and FIM Capital (Isle of Man investment guys) during the week.

There seems to be some positivity held for global growth in 2021. For good, dividend-paying global companies, both in 2021 and going into 2022. FIM mentioned companies like Coca-Cola. It will always survive and be strong. The world has not stopped and will continue to drink their products. Then Unilever – they said we’ll all be brushing our teeth and feel a need to wash our hair when social distancing is over. Visa: Online buying has been up 30% around the world in the past few months. Visa will carry so many of those transactions.

From the point of good international properties being held by FIM, they pointed out that the distribution warehouses they own are well-positioned for the online buying segment. Products all land in a distribution warehouse before being couriered out to buyers, making these warehouses even busier. Solid income to the tenant. Solid rent to the landlord.