Weekly Thoughts 27 August 2021

A few random, disjointed thoughts this week….

I haven’t written since the chaos week of looting. Life is back to normal in my town… which means you can stop your car wherever you want to for as long as you want to, as long as you put your hazard lights on… and after a traffic light turns red, two more cars are still allowed to go through!

I’m certainly finding this new POPI world very frustrating. So many things that I regularly receive now require me to go and find ID numbers or codes before opening. Very irritating… but part of our lives going forward so better I accept it.

A week ago I listened to an online presentation by Ninety One Asset Managers. A director gave his summary thoughts as follows:

• Damage from the riots & looting could have been worse
• SA is economically better than he expected
• The Vaccination rollout is actually happening fairly efficiently
• The President’s position has strengthened
• The World and SA are in a better state than this time last year

He was more positive than I expected.