Weekly Thoughts 27 May 2022

I’ve written about it recently and been at some of you personally (apologies), about having a good annual medical check-up, especially as we get older. It actually should be from when we turn 40 onwards.

Well, yesterday afternoon I had my annual medical. I had the blood taken a week ago that my Doctor wanted – he wanted so many tests that the lady who drew the samples at Ampath joked that if she emptied my one arm, she’d have to move on to the other arm!

My Doc did the breathing thing, blood pressure, weight, prostate check (yes… that one!) then rest and effort ECG. The ECG machine asked; ‘Does the patient have a pacemaker?’ It even picks it up. He made me trot up and down these steps in his office to get my heart rate up for the effort test. So boring – every year I ask him if I can’t rather run up and down the road outside instead.

Well, besides living with all the consequences of taking on this life too adventurously, he was very happy with all the results. He said I am good to go for another year. It was a 45-minute appointment, but worth the process. A decent doctor will pick up anything serious before it’s too serious. It was this GP of mine that started me on the road for a pacemaker when I used to arrive for my medical with a resting heart rate of 32 or 33.

We need to do this thing. Men and women alike, whatever our different bodies require.