Weekly Thoughts 28 February 2015

With today being the last day of the tax year, it is the day for those of us who run a travel log book to go out to our cars and take a picture of your odometer with your cell phone. It is for me the simplest way to make sure that I’ve got the reading without having to find where to write it down.

Yesterday was also the day for those of us who pay provisional tax to have ensured that our payment got through to SARS. I thought I was all organised and suddenly discovered that my banking transfer limit would mean I could not release the full payment that my accountant had loaded onto my banking profile in one day. So a frantic email to my personal banker had her on the phone to me to help. After she had stopped chuckling at me, she took me through the process to raise the limit to be able to make the payment.

Then of course this week was the budget speech. Not much for most of us to worry about listening to. Your accountant and the likes of me needs to read a bit more. You’ll find out that the next bottle of wine has gone up a bit but otherwise life will carry on much as before.