Weekly Thoughts 29 August 2014

On Tuesday this past week I had another, albeit different, risk management lesson. My wife and I had taken my son down to the Hillcrest area to have a high school interview for him. It is now time for us to do this choosing process for 2016. Then, getting back into my wife’s car to leave – I am not supposed to drive for a couple of weeks – her car decided that now was a good time not to start. An embarrassing situation in a school’s car park, but at least we were safe, an important factor in these situations.

The man from the AA couldn’t fix it. The school were great to us. While I waited with the AA man for their flatbed truck to come and take the car and me all the way back to Pietermaritzburg and to my mechanic, one of their school drivers took my wife and son all the way back to his school in Hilton, because he needed to get back for athletics and play practice.

Now the point of my story this week, is, are you set up and ready to make the emergency calls you might need to make in these situations? My AA membership is through my Petro Card. So now I had to think how to phone them, then they wanted certain information off the card, so you have to find your card. What if you hadn’t travelled with it? Maybe it’s a good idea to not leave emergency processes to when the emergency happens. Maybe to check how we deal with all these sort of events and create the notes and info and numbers on our cell phones. Have practice runs. Just a thought, to avoid not coping and being flustered in the situation. It was definitely a wakeup call for me.