Weekly Thoughts 29 January 2021

I haven’t written for a very long time… Christmas has passed, New Year is now old, and I’d just had a pacemaker fitted. That seems to be all fine. I feel what is probably called ‘normal’. My Dread Disease claim with the one company is approved and pending. I still wait on the second company. One must remember that for an insurance claim to be awarded, something was a bit wrong with us. It’s not necessarily a celebration.

I learnt this month from some people I often bring in to be executors on estates for me, that in these loaded times of Covid-19 deaths, Home Affairs is struggling just to get out death certificates and therefore it’s taking up to six months just for the Master’s Office to issue Letters of Executorship. This means that nothing gets started in term of simply beginning to wind up an estate. Which in turn means that cash does not come out from estates very quickly, even in the case of a life insurance policy with a nominated beneficiary – because this requires the death certificate.

Here is something that you never heard from me… If there is someone who is financially dependent on you, they, or someone, needs to know your banking login details and passwords. For someone to sweep money out of your bank account ASAP if you go down before the Bank freezes the account. The executor will come and moan later to have it back, but by then other things might have come through.

Let’s hope things will ease.

Then I listened to six hours of fund manager zoom presentations this week. A variety of managers and content over two days. Information overload.