Weekly Thoughts 29 June 2018

I began this mail the night before last, while overnighting in the bustling village / town of Cathcart in the Eastern Cape, staying in a 160 year-old stone cottage, which I found in the clouds on Air BnB. Not sure if there is even one horse in that town. So the label would not even work.

It’s been a while since I’ve travelled through those parts of the poorest province in the country. Nothing seems to have changed in the past 25 years. The poverty is still obvious and bad. Towns of Mount Fletcher, Maclear, Ugie, Cala, Lady Frere – particularly bad – haven’t changed. And I don’t see change in the next 25 years. Maybe more. What brings economic change? How will jobs and industry come to the area? They won’t.

There was much to remind the family of our wealth. While most of us continue to chase something we still feel entitled to or simply want, here were many stuck in the cycle of poverty. There, but by some or other privilege, go I.