Weekly Thoughts 29 May 2015

I write to you today from the Central African Republic of Bloemfontein! We wondered if we would need our patiently acquired new passports to get in here, but thank goodness it was incorporated into the New South Africa when the homeland system was abolished.

Now there has to be a very good reason for me to venture into Cheetah country, its not the place I would have made the Great Trek to for a long weekend without good reason. And so it is that the family find ourselves here because last weekend my son made it into the KZN U13A rugby squad, that ultimately has the Craven Week as its objective. Over these couple of days there is what they call a Mini-Craven ‘ Cheetah Toernooi’ being played here in Bloem, at Grey College, the famous rugby school.

Yesterday his team, what on the program the Sharks A ‘ge-noem’ is, beat the home team the Cheetahs A, giving them a good start to the four games they play here. Today they play two games, against Border and Griffons – wherever that’s from.