Weekly Thoughts 29 May 2020

In the last couple of weeks, via live internet presentations and discussions, I have listened to Ninety One (Investec) twice, Allan Gray, Bridge Fund Managers, Sarasin from London and had personal one-on-one’s with my Coronation consultant and one of the fund managers from Marriott.

I think I have mentioned before, that Bridge Fund Managers are the first group that have come along doing the same thing that Marriott does: investing with the same approach and offering an income-focused outcome. I have been listening and watching and also been visited by them. However, just because there’s a new kid on the block doesn’t mean one goes to play at their house. If they have no new or different toys for me to play with, there is no reason for me to use them. But it’s my job to watch and see, and if and when they offer anything better, then I should be ready to use.

My one-on-one with the Marriott Fund Manager was to discuss and thrash out different fund mixes I have been researching and testing to optimize income. Mixing and matching four of their funds in the different products I can use them in, in order to get the best, or most appropriate, outcome to use for you.

Monday we ‘progress’ to a new number. And queues at every bottle store around the country. Tito will be happy with the increased revenue.