Weekly Thoughts 29 October 2021

Last week I went for my usual just-arrive-for-a-haircut haircut, to my usual hairdresser in a little local shopping centre. I’ve been going to them for many years and they always remind me that I’m late when I walk in. But this time, they told me that they are closing at the end of the year. They have not been able to cope with and recover from, the covid issues of the past year, where they have seen their clientele drop by too much. They told me that with the rent being R16,000 per month, they just cannot cope any longer. Already the owner’s husband has put some of his own money into the business, money which he won’t be getting back as there is no cash to pay him back. The lady who actually cuts my hair will be heading for Durban, to try to find a job there. So it’s sad to see them go, and I’ll need to find another hairdresser.

Then last week I also popped into my local hardware store, only to find that three shops in that little regional shopping centre have closed their doors and there are now To-Let signs in the windows. One shop was a lovely second-hand furniture shop.

There are obviously still many small businesses who continue to struggle and who have not been able to make it through the last 18 months or are now carrying too much debt to be able to recover. It is really sad, and really rough for these folk. I continue to recognise where I am fortunate in life.