Weekly Thoughts 3 July 2020

Over the past weeks, there have been many conversations about how to restart the economy again. It has been on my mind as to how I, and many of us, can help where we can. Since restaurants have been able to do deliveries or collections, we have supported one or other of our preferred eating spots every week, even though we would never usually go out or buy take-a-ways every week. I have also made a point of passing good coffee spots and buying a take-a-way cappuccino. Not just to get my regular coffee fix again in the morning, but to support, because I can.

I went for a haircut this week. Again, not just because I needed one, but also to get back to support my local little hairdresser as soon as I could. (I did manage to have one illegal haircut during lockdown!) I have thought that maybe another way to help re-start small business is to go away for a night or a weekend to stay in a small BnB or something. When permitted that is. Just to get out and help people get going again.

A bit of extra effort from many of us could make a big difference to many small businesses. We’re far from seeing the end of businesses and shops closing. This week alone in my town, it has been two coffee shops, one pet shop and one motorbike shop. And that’s only what I know of.

As I ponder this bizarre and sad time we’re in right now, I wonder if one day there’ll be a documentary on the History Channel, about when Man used to gather in large groups, shaking hands, kissing and hugging, dipping hands into communal bowls of biltong and chips and blowing birthday candles out. Quite a thought for right now.