Weekly Thoughts 5 November 2021

A number of you have recently had questions from me about your Will. I’m on a drive to check through every single client by the year-end. To check that I know where your Will is, that you know where it is and that one of us has actually checked on it too. I then make a note in the ‘client details’ section of your data on our records where it is, who the executor is and the date that I last checked on it. Not just the date that it is dated, but the date I last checked upon it.

If I have a note that I have your Will, I then go and pull your file out of the steel cabinets in my office, I find your Will, I pull it out of its plastic sleeve and I check that it is indeed the original. Meaning I check that the names and signatures are indented into the paper – I’m checking that it is the ‘wet’ copy of your will.

After being involved in a couple of estates this year, as well as being involved in the deteriorating mental health of a couple of clients, I am becoming more paranoid, more obsessed, with knowing where your will is and that it’s actually there. We can get copies of virtually everything else in life, as long as you can prove you are you. You can get a copy of your insurance or investment documents, your driver’s licence can be replaced, your ID, your birth certificate… Why, I even know who to direct you to here in my town, if you need something from Home Affairs that is not quite above board. It will require the accompanying handful of orange or blue pieces of paper with Leopards or Buffaloes on them, but you’ll get whatever it is you’re looking for.

But we cannot get a copy of our Will after we’ve already come second in an accident or our health has declined too far to be placing a legitimate signature on the document. So as I go through this process, if I need confirmation from you, I will be in touch with you.

This afternoon I will be having lunch alone with my British contact man out from Sarasin Asset Managers in London. We’ll talk about their funds, British politics, global events, first world interest rates… and whatever else he has in his bag. Usually quite an entertaining conversation.